Supercomputing Conference 2021

Supercomputing Conference 2021

Edge Computing With AWS Snowball

InfiniteTactics debuted the Analytics Gateway™ at SC21 in St. Louis, Missouri. Attendees were able to see a live demo of the technology running on the floor using an Amazon Web Services (AWS) Snowball. According to Amazon:

AWS Snowball … is an edge computing, data migration, and edge storage device … Snowball Edge Compute Optimized devices provide 52 vCPUs, block and object storage, and an optional GPU for use cases like advanced machine learning and full motion video analysis in disconnected environments. You can use these devices for data collection, machine learning and processing, and storage in environments with intermittent connectivity (like manufacturing, industrial, and transportation) or in extremely remote locations (like military or maritime operations) before shipping them back to AWS. These devices may also be rack mounted and clustered together to build larger temporary installations.

AWS provided the Snowball to InfiniteTactics for development and demonstration purposes which proved to be an incredible opportunity to showcase both the Snowball and Analytics Gateway™ technologies.

Together we were able to demonstrate how analytics workflows can work in disconnected environments — or those with limited connectivity — without losing any of the capabilities of the Analytics Gateway™ up to the processing power of the local Snowball’s resources. This allows for analytics and/or HPC-like processing in secure areas, without requiring changes to customer workflows (e.g. SCIFs). Or if a customer needs to process data in the field with spotty or limited internet connectivity, the Snowball allows for saving and processing that data. Then — once back at home base — that data can be sent to AWS for loading into the cloud. Whatever the scenario, Snowball allows for flexibility while the Analytics Gateway™ provides the same user-friendly interface. 


The InfiniteTactics team enjoyed their time at SC21 in St. Louis talking to customers, and other vendors. If we missed you, or you are interested in what we can do for you, please contact us at

InfiniteTactics Team at SC21