Analytics Gateway’s Role In Air Force’s AI-Powered Autonomous Flight

Analytics Gateway’s Role In Air Force’s AI-Powered Autonomous Flight

We are proud to share our role as an enabler in the Air Force’s recent landmark achievement: the successful execution of an AI-enabled autonomous air combat flight.

In collaboration with the Air Force Research Laboratory and other key partners, Analytics Gateway contributed advanced AI Agent infrastructure, enabling large scale HPC processing, and secure access to agent result analysis and dashboarding for the XQ-58A Valkyrie, showcasing AI’s potential in high-performance, uncrewed air vehicles.

This flight, conducted by the 40th Flight Test Squadron and supported by AFRL and Kratos Unmanned Aerial Systems, represents a significant step forward in the application of AI in military operations, blending innovative AI technologies with traditional testing and evaluation techniques.

As a collaborator in this initiative, we’re honored to be part of a project that not only demonstrates the capabilities of AI in defense but also paves the way for future advancements in this field. Our commitment remains firm in supporting the defense community’s efforts to harness the power of AI responsibly and effectively.


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