iLauncher is government owned software free for government users.
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iLauncher provides a streamlined graphical interface to start interactive applications — such as Jupyter, Spark, RStudio, TensorFlow and many more — on DoD High Performance Computers (HPC).

iLauncher walks the user through logging in (via Kerberos and CAC/Yubikey), checking on HPC status, submitting the job, and securely routing the application’s UI back over SSH to the user’s browser.

Use Cases

► Users new to HPCs and/or PBS

► Users unfamiliar with the command line
and/or SSH.

► Users wanting to quickly start interactive applications without fiddling with SSH reverse tunnels, PBS, and application containers

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ILauncher Publications

See how iLauncher is being used in supporting different workflows across the DOD

An iLauncher plugin for PostgreSQL with extensions for various backend HPC resources
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Rhonda J. Vickery et al.

Application of iLauncher interfaces to the abstraction of deep learning workflows across a diversity of computing resources
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Rhonda J. Vickery et al.

Application of Jupyter Notebook interfaces and iLauncher to deep learning workflows on HPC systems.
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Daniel Mogilevsky et al.

Parallel image generation on HPC systems via iLauncher
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John Nehrbass et al.

Scalable Interactive Autonomous Navigation Simulations on HPC
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Wesley Brewer et al.

What our clients have to say…

The iLauncher infrastructure and underlying Singularity containers make it straightforward for us to move our applications between our laptop development environment and AWS GovCloud, as well as various other HPC back-end computational resources. The ATRC Gateway is an integral part of our selection of services, allowing our users to get up-to-speed more quickly than any other computational resource we offer.”

Dr. Rhonda Vickery

AI Data Scientist
Wright State University

Before using iLauncher, visualizing my data on the HPC machines was a tedious process, so it really has been a game changer for me. iLauncher is an awesome tool that greatly enhances my productivity.”

Daniel Lloveras

PhD Candidate
Department of Atmospheric Sciences
University of Washington