Breaking News – IL5 Approval

Breaking News – IL5 Approval

Date: 4/10/2004For Immediate Release

InfiniteTactics’ Analytics Gateway Platform Approved at Impact Level 5 Security by the Department of Defense High-Performance Computing Modernization Program

Beavercreek, OH – March 25, 2024 – InfiniteTactics, a leading provider of advanced high-performance computing (HPC) solutions, announced today that its pioneering Analytics Gateway platform has been granted an Interim Approval to Test (IATT) by the Department of Defense High-Performance Computing Modernization Program (DoD HPCMP) for their HPC solution deployed in a production “.mil” commercial cloud environment. This pivotal approval heralds a new era of compute and storage resource management for the DoD, promising to alleviate resource constraints and enhance the capacity for critical workload processing.

Designed for simplicity, scalability, and security, Analytics Gateway ensures seamless interoperability between bleeding edge commercial omni cloud-based solutions and legacy systems and software, all while maintaining strict security compliance. It champions the convergence and interoperability with both Government Off-The-Shelf (GOTS) and Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) software tools on which the DoD depends.

Analytics Gateway stands out as a platform of platforms. It provides users with a modern single pane of glass graphic user interface to utilize the DoD HPCMP ecosystem and cutting edge cloud resources from our partners AWS GovCloud and Azure Government with access to the latest GPUs. The Analytics Gateway’s new Enclave Extension service, offers secure on-demand compute and storage resources in the multi commercial cloud architecture tailored for an array of critical functions, including modeling, simulation, analytics, digital engineering, AI, ML and robust cyber threat detection. The platform is poised to democratize access to a secure sandbox environment, thereby fostering a fertile ground for testing and evaluation of all HPC use cases including AI, machine learning, deep reinforcement learning, research and development, DevSecOps and collaboration.

Jack Harris, PhD, Chief Information Technology Officer and founder of InfiniteTactics, remarked,

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The approval of Analytics Gateway is a testament to InfiniteTactics’ unwavering dedication to innovation and excellence in serving the nation’s defense.

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