Author: Chris Harris

Breaking News – IL5 Approval

Date: 4/10/2004 For Immediate Release Beavercreek, OH – March 25, 2024 – InfiniteTactics, a leading provider of advanced high-performance computing (HPC) solutions, announced today that its pioneering Analytics Gateway platform has been granted an Interim Approval to Test (IATT) by the Department of Defense High-Performance Computing Modernization Program (DoD HPCMP) for their HPC solution deployed…
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Importance of Data Quality in AI

The accuracy of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) models depends significantly on the quality of the data used for training. High-quality data, which is accurate, complete, and representative, leads to more reliable and robust models. Conversely, poor-quality data can result in models that make inaccurate predictions or exhibit biased behavior. The quality of…
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Analytics Gateway’s Role In Air Force’s AI-Powered Autonomous Flight

AI-enabled air vehicle accomplishes tactical testing We are proud to share our role as an enabler in the Air Force’s recent landmark achievement: the successful execution of an AI-enabled autonomous air combat flight. In collaboration with the Air Force Research Laboratory and other key partners, Analytics Gateway contributed advanced AI Agent infrastructure, enabling large scale…
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