Author: Joshua Ziegler

Supercomputing Conference 2021

Edge Computing With AWS Snowball InfiniteTactics debuted the Analytics Gateway™ at SC21 in St. Louis, Missouri. Attendees were able to see a live demo of the technology running on the floor using an Amazon Web Services (AWS) Snowball. According to Amazon: AWS Snowball … is an edge computing, data migration, and edge storage device ……
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Wright State University

Analytics Gateway for Universities

User-Friendly On-Premise HPC Access Universities can easily provide access to on-premise High-Performance Computers (HPC) to students, faculty, and staff using the Analytics Gateway™. Users’ access, storage quotas, and computing time can all be controlled by system administrators using the dashboard. Once authorized, users can immediately start using any of the provided applications such as Jupyter,…
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Analytics Gateway for Data Scientists

Simple Accessibility The Analytics Gateway was created for data scientists. It provides a simple method for conducting data analytics by unleashing the power of dozens of existing applications from one user interface. The Analytics Gateway is available directly from a web browser, so data scientists can access it from anywhere. In seconds, analytic tools typically…
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