Supercomputing Conference 2023

Supercomputing Conference 2023


This year, the annual Supercomputing conference was hosted in Denver, Colorado. InfiniteTactics presented the Analytics Gateway™ for the third year in a row showcasing our Mobile Tactical Edge HPC solution. SC23 was an outstanding conference for InfiniteTactics where we enjoyed the opportunity to interface face to face with our existing customers and make new contacts with others in the supercomputing field. We were thrilled to see the massive interest shown for the secure, collaborative, computational ecosystems enabled by the Analytics Gateway.

This year InfiniteTactics was proud to partner with Sealing Tech to showcase our Mobile Tactical Edge HPC solution.

SC23 was a great opportunity to unveil our Mobile Tactical Edge HPC solution

The Mobile Tactical Edge HPC is a combined solution consisting of SealingTech’s GN 7000 analytics node enhanced with integrated Analytics Gateway software from InfiniteTactics.

“It is the pinnacle of HPC technology for mobile AI, ML, Modeling Simulation and Analytics processing for national security and industry.”