Infinite Tactics was founded in 2004 by a small group of Georgia Institute of Technology graduates desiring to tackle difficult challenges across many technical areas.  Our consulting services include technical guidance, custom software solutions, and supercomputing data sciences support.

Technical Guidance
As an external subject matter expert, InfiniteTactics has advised in the areas of robotics, large-scale intelligent software knowledge-based engineering, and autonomous control software. Most recently, InfiniteTactics has applied its technical subject matter expertise to review and assess the design and evaluation of large-scale intelligent software systems for automated aircraft technologies. This assessment required knowledge of human factors engineering, human systems integration, software engineering, hardware and software interoperability, simulation, autonomous systems architecture, and cognitive technologies and machine learning.

Custom Software Solutions
InfiniteTactics has created custom software solutions to support the needs of its diverse set of clients which range from small business start-ups to the Department of Defense. Past projects have included mobile apps, embedded systems, distributed computing, large-scale data analytics suites, cyber security, cost analysis software, customized inventory systems, and specialized design tools.

Supercomputing Data Sciences Support
We have over a decade of experience leveraging and optimizing workflows using state of the art high performance computing systems. Our team has helped enable hundreds of scientists and engineers to more efficiently conduct operations and research through our tools and advisement. Our consulting expertise includes using supercomputers for data analysis using artificial intelligence including machine and deep learning methods, as well as, other big data technologies. Additionally, we have aided customers with the optimization of large scale distributed and parallel processing through the development of custom cluster scheduling algorithms and tools.

Infinite Tactics is ready to handle any IT challenge.